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❶Elite Platinum All the benefits of the Elite package plus choice of enhancements For families who wish to add enhancements to their Elite package, we offer additional services that can be purchased a la carte. When I signed her up for this account I did not realiz that I was also signing away her privacy protections, I assumed that hey would at least be protected until she turned

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She was able to listen to my ideas and make concrete suggestions about how to approach each essay. Once I had a draft, she provided insightful feedback that greatly enhanced my final product. We have created an interactive platform for every stakeholder in the process — students, parents and consultants. Here we take inventory of your strengths, highlight your accomplishments, note setbacks and how to overcome them, and ultimately craft compelling stories for every school on your list.

This personalized, online account will take your application experience to the next level as it tracks deadlines, application to-dos, and every single essay draft. It is only available with Veritas Prep and we promise it will alleviate much of the stress applicants and parents! Once you have completed the entire application together with your Head Consultant, it will be given a final, thorough review by a member of our Ultimate Admissions Committee.

The committee is comprised exclusively of former Directors and Assistant Directors of Admissions — the very people who made the final decision on hundreds applicants just like you at the most selective schools in the world. No other admissions consulting firm can offer you these layers of confidence before submitting applications to your dream schools.

Questions about admissions consulting? View More Recent Featured Reports. We Need Your Help! Sat, September 04, Updated: Wed, December 19, Reported By: Anonymous — Louisiana United States of America.

Reputation Management Corporate Advocacy Program This is the best way to manage and repair your business reputation. Show customers why they should trust your business over your competitors Add Rebuttal to this Report. This report is filed to keep other people from being victims of College Admissions Assistance, Inc.

This company somehow gets the names and addresses of children who are as young as 9th grade. They send a letter to the parents and child stating you have been scheduled to participate in an educational group presentation followed by a personal interview to help determine college admission and financial aid eligibility. Their letter implies they have some kind of authority to determine whether or not your child will be accepted into a college and additionally whether or not your child will qualify for financial help during this workshop.

They imply they will assess your child for these things and they will do it for free. Towards the end of the personal interview, which consists of some questions to the child about their hobbies and what they like to do in school, the price is finally discussed. This price is given to you at a "discount" because you "participated in the workshop".

They ask you and your child to complete a questionnaire and mail it to them. You are told what to expect to happen, the first being a phone call once they have received the completed questionnaire. We waited and waited for the phone call that never came. We finally called CAA. The "Coach" said, "Your son needs to call if he needs help". When she was asked, "help with what You are basically getting a loan with these people at We then received a letter the latter part of August from Monterey Financial Services stating they had been assigned our account for servicing.

This letter consisted of 2 pages. One page was our "statement" and the second page was licensing information for collection agency practices! There was nothing to suggest we had anything to worry about. The biggest reason and the hardest to write for all of you to read There is light at the end of the tunnel for you unfortunate, loving parents who only tried to do something good for your child.

First, contact the Better Business Bureau online. Also, check to see what the licensing status of any company dealing with financial matters or other consumer business for your state. This especially holds true for collection agencies. I hope this helps you avoid a big headache or helps you get rid of the one you currently have. IvyWise provides customized support when it comes to counseling, tutoring, and research services so students like you can put their best foot forward in achieving their academic goals.

If you would like help getting into a US college as an international student see how IvyWise can guide you through the process. Request More Information from IvyWise. I think the whole process was very thorough and well designed from the Initial Consultation to the organizing of the school choices to submitting the applications.

Additionally, the round-table feature with other counselors was also a highlight for me because I thought it was a practical way of simulating the reactions of admission officers to my application material so it was really helpful. Overall, I owe a lot of my successes in receiving offers from schools to the help of [my counselor] and the whole IvyWise team.

All the time and hard work has finally paid off with the acceptance, and I only have you to thank for it. After advising me on all the extracurricular activities, course selection essays, and more, I understand how much you contributed to the strength of my application.

It is a huge relief getting in, and I look forward to relaxing a bit and enjoying my senior year.

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College Admissions Assistance (CAA) differs from other educational service providers because we have worked with tens of thousands of students and thousands of colleges to create a proven approach that combines the use of technology and personal coaching from our expert staff.

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27 reviews of College Admissions Assistance "I enrolled my son at the workshop in his junior year of high school. The tutors and coaches worked with him to bring his GPA up and also prepare for ACT exam/5(26).

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College Admissions Assistance is a program that offers services for students during their high school years. These services include college and major selections, counseling, test preparation, research for available financial aid, along with numerous other services. They are for a . for deciding to attend the free workshop and interview. Just like you, we believe there is nothing more important than helping your student find their purpose in life and fulfill the dream of a college education and successful career. The brief time you invest now will help save you money, and significant time in .

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COLLEGE ADMISSIONS ASSISTANCE. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. OnPrem Error! Session expired please login again. Welcome Back! Help/FAQ. Username (use email address) Password Forgot Password. I am new here! I need to register. The State of Iowa v. College Admissions Assistance, LLC. On April 24, , the business entered into a Assurance of Voluntary Compliance with the state of Iowa. The Assurance settles allegations that the business misled and took advantage of an Iowa couple/5(20).