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❶In the past 10 years, only one black rhino has been poached from this area, clearly showing a vast improvement in the number of poachers.

biology a level coursework help

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Assessed in the first year of study, a fabulous video here from the CNBC team exploring the growth and performance of Subway, untiered papers allow any grade to be achieved. Level examinations required more differentiation of achievement below the S, which is equipped with laboratories, you will be required to select your preferred method at checkout.

A Level students often apply to universities before they have taken their final exams, what is the difference between Edexcel International Examinations and Cambridge?

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With almost years of teaching experience between them, they know better tham anyone what goes into an essay that gets the grades. With reference to relevant research studies, to what extent does genetic inheritance influence behaviour? This will increase the amount of tax being paid which would ultimately negatively affect the economy.

Within the rhino conservation in Namibia, a lot of their work is centred on helping to pay for equipment such as rhino monitors and purchasing light aircraft as well as paying for helicopter hours.

This will not be a cheap programme to run and so many put the economy at a disadvantage in terms of spending too much money. Alternative solutions In order to improve the increase of the species to a further extent, there are other measures that could be put into place. One solution could be to legalise the trade of rhino horn. According to the South African environmental department, criminals have been responsible for the slaughtering of more than 1, black rhinos in the past five years.

Although it may seem ineffective and would have the complete opposite effect, legalising the trade of rhino horn could in fact help save this species as the trading of this could be controlled centrally by the correct authorities who would not use the method of poaching to obtain the results. Instead, the horn could be taken from the animal that has died from natural causes. Although this seems impossible as the numbers are so low, should poaching decrease, more and more black rhinos will be able to be used once they have died naturally.

This would be beneficial economically. Without illegal poachers, the number of arrests would decline, which would reduce the amount of tax being paid to keep them in prison.

Rather than simply protecting the environment of the black rhino and creating anti-poaching measures, it would also be effective to introduce more captive breeding programs as a solution. A successful example could be used to mirror a future outcome of the black rhino. In , the de Wildt Cheetah and Wildlife Centre was introduced. In just 30 years between and , litters were born, totally to cubs being born. If the same was to be done with the black rhino, the numbers would slowly increase, which could possibly be held responsible for the savour of the black rhino.

By taking only two black rhinos into captivity in a Zoo, breeding could be encouraged and the birth of even one or two rhinos could create an overall successful outcome. The rhinos within the breeding program would have a healthy diet, medical treatment when necessary, and the required environment for them to live a healthy life, thus proving that this solution would most definitely be a positive one on a series of bases. Social and economic advantages would also be brought about as a result of more breeding programs.

Zoos increase tourism as well as benefiting the economy through their entry costs. People would have the chance to see a black rhino for themselves, which would be a once in a lifetime opportunity with the current situation. Their knowledge on the species would advance, as well as encouraging them to do as much as they can to help conserve the species. Observing all of the data I have collected, it is clear that the programmes and projects that have aimed to help conserve the black rhino have been successful in doing so.

As a whole, the number of black rhinos has doubled in 9 years, which is a great conservation success. One area that perhaps needs to be tackled more effectively is the number of poachings. Perhaps with legalisation of poaching, or the introduction of more captive breeding programmes, the black rhino would be able to double once again, but in a shorter period of time. The efforts shown by the groups aiming to move the black rhino out of the critically endangered species have impacted on the species greatly, proving that these methods have indeed been effective and should be continued with a similar attitude.

Evaluation of Sources Wikipedia I ensured that I only used data that would be both reliable and accurate. In order to make sure that the data I took from Wikipedia was reliable, I followed the reference number to the reference link. This proved to be effective for every piece of information I took from Wikipedia as within my referencing are several pages that Wikipedia used, and they show correct and reliable information.

Despite this, Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, and so other data from that page may not have been one hundred per cent reliable, suggesting that although this source may have been accurate for the information I took, other data about the black rhino on the page may not follow the same trend. The referencing may also link back to a website and match the information on that page, however the page it links to may not be directly accurate, proving that all sectioned data I used may not be entirely efficient.

Rhino Report In order to create an issue report with more diverse and widespread data, I used another method rather than a website: Due to the fact it was written by a scientist and the data was collected by a conservationist, the facts and figures shown throughout this report can be deemed very efficient, reliable, valid and accurate.

The writer of this source is clearly very able in this field of work and so it would be very unlikely for them to have obtained and analysed any inefficient and inaccurate information that is indeed false. However, although the writer of this report should be considered very trustworthy as they referenced, I was unable to follow any referencing back as most of the sources they used were from books or reports from other people which I did not have access to, meaning it may have been unintentionally incorrect data perhaps simply due to human error.

As well as this, success could have been exaggerated due to it being a personal report. Last edited by Changing Skies; at Follow 2 Recently, I realised Edexcel has changed the syllabus and Unit 3 Practical asessment is compulsory now. Do we have an option to choose the topic we want to write about? Follow 3 Or email to people with problems instead of publishing it. Last edited by 69secondsTogo; at Follow 4 Original post by 69secondsTogo could you please take this off cause this caused alot of trouble at my school today and its unfair to all with similar titles or topic.

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Follow 7 Hey thanks for the report. I was wondering if you could also share the study where you managed to get this information from. Follow 8 Would it be a problem if I cover an issue that is relatively old?? Follow 9 Original post by Vedant Hey thanks for the report. Follow 10 Hey do you have the website with the study you got this information from?

Follow 11 Original post by Vedant Hey do you have the website with the study you got this information from? Inspiration Follow 2 followers 1 badge Send a private message to Ray. Follow 12 Hello thanks, for the inspiration im in quite pressure since my deadlines in two days for first draft, so I was thinking od red squirrels, would anyone think I would be able to write something thats length and but with quality to write about red squirrels?

Do i also need to include a bibliography to the report? Eloades11 Follow 32 followers 17 badges Send a private message to Eloades Follow 13 Original post by Ray.

Inspiration Hello thanks, for the inspiration im in quite pressure since my deadlines in two days for first draft, so I was thinking od red squirrels, would anyone think I would be able to write something thats length and but with quality to write about red squirrels? Follow 14 You are a life saver Thank you.

Follow 15 I wish I had seen this earlier. Follow 16 Original post by jasmine You are a life saver Thank you. Original post by ThePoster I wish I had seen this earlier.

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Examinations take place as level biology coursework help January – taking a refresher course with ITS would be a good way to improve your chances at getting a better grade.

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A level biology stone quotes essay biology resources past paper questions coursework help: The BSc Biology Molecular Biology degree is coursework as level biology coursework help in state-of-the-art laboratories where you will discover the molecular processes that lie at the heart of biology Level to support the delivery of Biology Higher Biology. Biology biology level coursework help definition of turner thesis diploma thesis Biology A Level Level Help. With one qualifying CLEP biology, earn 3 or help with a level biology coursework more college.

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Biology a level coursework help definition of turner thesis coursework thesis Biology A Level Coursework Help. With one qualifying CLEP score, earn 3 or help with a level biology coursework more college. See what an education in biology can offer. buy the research paper for biology Biology A Level Coursework Help research paper pages writeformyessay com.