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HELP ME PLEASE !!! What are some good questions about the trojan war?

homework help trojan war

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The Trojan War and the Symbol of the Trojan Horse

One room in the Parthenon contained a huge gold and ivory statue of Athena. Around the top of the outer wall above the columns of the Parthenon was a set of small sculptured panels called metopes.

Athens was a city known to protect people from the Athenians. The Greeks living in Athens were people with a passion for perfection. Artists excelled in beautiful works of love, beauty, and passion. Pericles was leader of the Athenians and built Acropolis to honor Athena. Many people and small countries looked to Athens for protection. Athens was completed in 50 years. Sculptors such as the great Fidius designed statues to display in Athens. We as Americans took so much from the Greeks.

Politics, Rhetoric, biology, geology, first to calculate atom, position of heavenly bodies, all were first done by the Greeks. Athens had the worlds first democracy. The citizens participated males only in the government.

We took the Greek form of Government and applied it to American Government. Our founding fathers knew Latin and Greek and realized the importance of the language. The Greeks erected many statues to honor their gods and one was found in by divers. The found statue, one dedicated to Poseidon, god of the sea was probably stolen by the Romans but the ship sunk and the statue was under water for hundreds of years. Sea at Sunneam was the name of a temple built in honor for Poseidon. Zeus, the father and leader of the Gods liven on Mt.

Delphi was an important Greek Temple for Apollo. The Greek people were highly educated and built stadiums and offered sacrifices to uphold their high religion. The oracle of Delphi, was a well known oracle. The theater originated as a place for religious festivals. Amphitheater was for plays about woman. The Olympics were every four years.

The competitors competed naked and there were cheering sections along the side of the competition area. Physical Beauty was a great thing for Greeks. Sculptors tried to capture great eye-pleasing physiques for their statues. Homosexual activity was accepted between men and boys. A plague in Athens wiped out Pericles and many Greek people. When Eris, goddess of Discord, was not invited to the wedding of King Peleus and Thetis, much turmoil surfaced.

The goddesses all yearned for the golden Apple but the choices were soon withered down to three: Hera, Athena, and of course Aphrodite. The goddesses pleaded with Zeus and asked him to judge but he sensibly declined. As an alternative, he told them to go to Paris who Zeus declared was an excellent evaluator of Beauty. Although Paris was offered many different bribes, he gave the troublesome apple to Aphrodite. This act was known as the Judgement of Paris.

As a reward for selecting Aphrodite, Paris was given the most beautiful woman in the world, Helen. Although the three primary reasons for the beginning of the Trojan War are all different, they all revolve around Paris and his decision. The demise of Troy ensued because of the ignorance of the goddesses Aphrodite, Athena, and Hera. The quarrelsome goddesses were foolish to lay such an enormous burden on a mere mortal.

If the Olympians had resolved their issues without the assistance of a human then the immense war would have never started, Paris and his people would have lived happily, and Menelaus and Agamemnon would have been affected by the descending curse in a different way.

Clearly the goddesses dispute on Mount Olympus played out between the insignificant humans on earth. So what is your thesis? What do you think about the war? What do you think started it? How do you think it ended? This is all important stuff and you have to have details and a wealth of information about it before you begin. What you are looking for, BTW, is an introductory statement, or a topic sentence.

Have you really done that? Related Questions How to write an expository essay on the Trojan war? I have to write a 3 page essay on the trojan war?

Based on the myth "The Wrath of Achilles," what are four reasons why the Greeks won the war The classic text tells the story of the Who was the leader of the Greeks in the Trojan War? Of course, there is no way to verify how much of the Iliad is historically accurate, but since it has been Examine the consquences of the Trojan War.

The original question had to be pared down. I invite you to resubmit the separate questions individually. I think that one of the consequences of the Trojan War was to clearly establish the roots Was the Trojan War real?


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The romantic images conjured up by legends sometimes obscure the real-life truths that inspired them. Because the Homeric epic The Iliad involved ancient Greek gods and goddesses in fantasies of heroism and revenge, the poem’s background—the end of the Trojan War after a year siege of Troy—seems to be part of the mythology.

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The legends about the war suggest a cause other than trade disputes. According to Homer’s Iliad, the war was fought during the rule of the wealthy and powerful King Priam of Troy. The conflict began when Priam’s son Paris fell in love with a woman named Helen.

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homework help trojan war The Trojan War — Odysseus Adventures Other Myths CliffsNotes can ease your homework headaches and help you score high on exams. Chat With Homework Experts, 24/7. . Trojan War Based on the myth "The Wrath of Achilles," what are four reasons why the Greeks won the war The student's question does not specify any particular text, although one could logically presume that Homer's The Iliad provides the basis of the inquiry.

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Academic Paper Homework Help Question. The Trojan War Original Post: We are going to encounter many myths in this course from different time periods and different cultures. We will need a way to classify these myths in order to learn what the myths tell us . By the way, who asked about Ajax?homework help trojan war View Homework Help - What_led_to_Trojan_War revised from NCVPS IDK at Southern Nash High School. Many of you have heard of the Trojan Trojan War was a legendary conflict between the early Greeks and the people of Troy in what is now Turkey.