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❶What constitutes a good person? The jury convicts King, but it absolves Harmon of any responsibility for the crime.

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The book describes his weeks of incarceration, his trial, and its outcome. Steve writes in the screenplay format because he wants to become a filmmaker, and because it is a way to distance or disassociate himself from the unfolding nightmare of his life. He can see himself and others as simply actors in a movie. As the book opens, Steve has already learned that the best time to cry in jail is at night.

When other prisoners are screaming and yelling, a little sniffle cannot be heard. He realizes that he must not show weakness in jail, just as he could not show weakness on the street.

When he looks in the small scratched mirror over the steel sink in his cell, he does not recognize himself. He starts to wonder if he is becoming some kind of evil changeling. Within the first page of the book, Myers characteristically creates a clear picture of Steve and his predicament. The prosecutor calls Steve a monster during opening arguments. Steve begins to wonder obsessively if he is a good person or a monster after all.

What constitutes a good person? His alleged presence during the robbery-homicide raises questions about his choices. Just as his survival in prison depends on displaying a hardened exterior, so his survival on the streets depended on doing little jobs for gang leaders.

Steve intuits that Ms. Myers does not state the facts of the crime in the book, so the reader is left wondering if Steve was or was not a lookout at the crime scene. This question is literally illustrated by two captioned photos in the book.

Finally, Steve is found not guilty. He spontaneously reaches out to hug Ms. The book leaves the reader to ponder about whether guilt equals goodness and whether acquittal equals innocence. Monster is presented as a screenplay, with handwritten comments, by the main character Steve Harmon. Steve says that he is writing the To re-enable the tools or to convert back to English, click "view original" on the Google Translate toolbar.

Where Monster Flowers Grow Locked. Rafflesias in Danger Locked. The same safe and trusted content for explorers of all ages. Improved homework resources designed to support a variety of curriculum subjects and standards. A new, third level of content, designed specially to meet the advanced needs of the sophisticated scholar. In the first flashback scene, Steve overhears two women speaking about the murder of Aguinaldo Nesbitt. Steve then walks through the crowd of people, and begins to sprint away as the camera pans On Tuesday, July 7th, Wendell Bolden takes the witness stand and is questioned by the prosecuting attorney, Sandra Petrocelli.

Petrocelli asks Bolden why he was in jail at the time he spoke to Mr What are some topics that are explored throughout the novel Monster?

Walter Dean Myers examines several topics which include identity, the criminal justice system, fear, and morality throughout his novel Monster. In the novel, Steve Harmon struggles with his Moody say that Mr. Nesbitt died in Monster? On Friday, July 10th, Dr. James Moody, the Medical Examiner, speaks to the prosecuting attorney, Sandra Petrocelli, on the witness stand alongside Detective Williams, and they explain their Why does Briggs object to the way Detective Karyl gets witnesses to give information in Monster When Detective Karyl is on the witness stand, Petrocelli asks him if he looked for any clues at the crime scene that would potentially lead to the perpetrator.

Karyl says that they looked for clues Hypothetically speaking, it has been five years since the trial in Monster. How has Steve changed?

At the end of the novel, Steve Harmon comments that he has been making films where he continually talks to the camera and tells it who he really is. Steve also mentions that he allows his younger Why does Myers include the flashback to when Steve was twelve years old towards the beginning of The flashback which takes place early in the novel shows twelve-year-old Steve Harmon walking with his friend Tony in a neighborhood park.

Tony picks up a stone and throws it off of a lamppost Following an emotional visit from his father, Steve Harmon writes in his notes that he has never seen his father cry like that before. He begins to question himself by saying, "What did I do?

Who are the dynamic and flat characters in the novel Monster by Walter Dean Myers? In literature, a dynamic character experiences an internal change that affects their personality, attitude, or perception.

Steve Harmon would be considered a dynamic character throughout the novel What are some racist quotes that are found throughout the novel Monster by Walter Dean Myers? In the scene where James, Steve, Johnny, and Peaches are sitting on some steps discussing who they could rob and not get caught, Johnny makes a racist comment. After Peaches suggests that they rob In the novel Monster, what is the verdict of the trial? On Friday, July 17th the verdict is read and handcuffs are placed on James King, which reveals that the jury found him guilty.

Immediately from his responses to the lawyers, readers can see that he is a tough guy and not unfamiliar with the What are some reasons as to why a jury member would find James King guilty and Steve Harmon not James King was the leading conspirator and served the primary role in the robbery and death of Aguinaldo Nesbitt. Lorelle Henry testifies that she witnessed James King get into an argument with While Steve is in jail, his perception of himself begins to change.

Being around violent criminals all day has forced Steve to develop a tough outward personality. Steve refuses to smile out of

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