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You should include the genre you are writing in and the length of your manuscript in word-count until specified otherwise. Needless to say, the query needs to stand-out. Keep it short, crisp, clever and well-written. To summarize, the synopsis is a summary of your work. What it really is is that it is a marketing tool, an attention-grabber, a chance for your writing to get picked up.

Whether you are going through the slush-pile route or around it, nothing works like a good pitch. Have a synopsis of your novel ready with you. Invest time and energy to get it right; read as many as book blurbs as possible to be able to produce a synopsis that is intrigue-inducing.

Publishers are more inclined to publish somebody who is known to some extent rather than somebody who is completely unknown.

A known person, either a celebrity or somebody who has become famous online for their blog or tweets or somebody who has been in the news, is a brand by themselves. There are plenty of opportunities to publish smaller pieces — short stories, flash fiction, opinions, travelogues, short cookery columns, whatever is your poison!

Right from Vogue to Elle yes, the fashion magazines, yes the Indian prints , every magazine solicits writing at some point of time or the other.

There are plenty of literary magazines online as well as print versions that solicit your writing. If you have a few publications in your name, the journey to becoming published novelist is easier, slightly. For a first-time author, the standard market norm is that publishers will print copies sometimes lesser of their book. This is the 1st edition. Depending on demand and the way the book is received, a decision is made about subsequent prints.

A book going into reprint is of course good and publishers use this statistic number of reprints to publish subsequent books of published authors.

So, you can imagine what a best-seller looks like. Sometimes it varies for hard-back books and paper-back books. They vary between 7. Advance is the amount paid to authors, adjusted against royalties normally, before book sales and after receipt of a manuscript acceptable by a publisher. Established authors with that elusive bargaining power are known to get INR , onwards.

When your writing gets accepted for publication, the process becomes a buying and selling transaction. The publisher buys out your right of distribution and dissemination but you retain the right of being named as the creator and the author of that work. When the publisher buys out your rights, it is normally for a particular territory, say, India.

So, in India only the publisher has the sole right to print and distribute your book and make money out of sales. If you have sold rights for only a particular region say India , you then retain the right to negotiate with agents and publishers and sell your work in other territories say UK, USA etc.

Rights also include movie rights, ebook rights, merchandising rights etc. These clauses can be built-in and customized to your benefit, depending on, yes, you guessed it — how much bargaining power you and your agent has. Nothing and absolutely nothing can replace the quality of work.

Nothing can replace a strong narrative voice and a strong plot. Nothing can replace novelty and a good writing style and an evocative story.

Often writers are unable to accept criticism for their work. It is necessary to divorce emotion from your work and solicit and accept objective feedback. Recently, somebody wrote to us for a critique and we read the work and found both the writing and the storyline extremely mundane.

When we told the concerned person that the work lacked in novelty and that it has a seen-it-before feeling, said person completely disappeared from the scene! From personal experience, I can tell you that I was able to get a book deal only after I subjected the book to total brutality.

I must have rewritten the novel at least thrice before it was accepted for publication. You have to be receptive yet immune to criticism, ready to accept your own mistakes and be willing to change it. If yes, can you suggest a few publishing agents? Should I get my book copyrighted before sending the whole script to any agent and a publisher? I was thinking of sending now since they take time to reply. Most authors approach publishers directly. In absolute terms, the chances of getting published by a mainstream author are very low irrespective of whether you go directly or through an agent.

Get it in the best possible shape before you send out anything to the publisher. Thanks Sameer, Can you tell me what should be approximate length of a fiction novel both in terms of words and pages assuming MS Word? Average word count for books: How long should a novel be? Most literary agents will have an exclusivity clause in the agreement.

Strictly speaking, an agent is just expected to sell your book to publishers. There are conflict-of-interest issues when they are doing more than that like editing, publishing etc. I have read advice from many so-called authors but your manner of writing has intrigued me. I felt very comfortable reading two articles that you wrote and posted on the Internet, they made me feel as though I already knew you; however, we have never met. I live in Utah, USA.

As I move forward, would you mind if I used you as a sounding board, someone that I can ask questions about India without feeling foolish because of my lack of knowledge about India? Thanks for your kind words about our site. You are more than welcome to post your queries. You mentioned above hiring independent editors to polish the script? Hi sir… I want to publish a non fiction love story and for this I want to know regarding the names of the character which I can use…I.

Also please help with the no. Can be used… Thank you. Lavanya might be able to help, depending on her workload. Send an email to: If you want to retain the real name, you could get the permission of the individual you are referring to.

Check out some of the popular books in a similar genre and then take a call. Thank you very much for your vivid and elaborate explanation on top. The Copyright site copyright. You might find this useful: Should authors copyright their work?

Hey Sameer, thanks a lot bro! Hi Sameer, I just recently plugged to this site and I am amazed at your quick response that is the battery of these articles Lavanya and yours both. I really appreciate the help and the tags that came along in your replies. Keep these awesome work coming. So not wasting anymore of your precious time I just take a leap to my question that is: I am currently writing a fiction.

Mythological fiction to be exact and that too in three parts. So in your opinion is trilogy acceptable by the publishers arriving from a newcomer?

Secondly, the Sci-fi genre is about at trivial in Indian market but slowly gaining the pace in the league. Would you recommend writing over this genre for present time? Hi Yog, Glad to hear that you found our site useful. The last successful guy who tried his hand at writing a trilogy did so in an unusual genre myth fiction …and Karan Johar purchased the movie rights for a huge amount.

On the other hand, cliched and over-abused topics like college romances still make the cash counters jingle. Instead, write what comes best to you, and then try to sell it in the best market for that book. You are doing a job on your own and the others are actually, benefited out of it and surprisingly, for absolutely free. Thanks for the nice words, dada! One option you could check out is copyrighting your work. However, this can only serve as a deterrent to a limited extent.

Build your author brand. Thank you for the quick reponse. The words…you really deserve it Sameer. True,copyrights will only work as a detterent but buliding an author brand… exactly how would you advice to build an author brand…If you can brief a bit in short would really be a help. Become active on social Media. Thank you Sameer for your help… I am writing my first novel and it is a thriller and suspense based novel… I have read your blog about the literary agent It was really helpful I went through them and found that they need a synopsis which should not be more than 2 pages..

So I started writing a synopsis for my novel, but I realized that I am not able to cover the essential part of my novel which is required while telling a mystery in just 2 pages.. So should I send them my synopsis which is of 3 pages or should I cut it down to 2 pages.. In the second case, I may lose the essence of my novel.. So help me out.. Writing a synopsis is more difficult for authors than writing the whole book. However, a little practice and re-structuring should get you there.

You might find these articles useful: How to write an effective novel synopsis 2. Hi Sameer, I found this article very useful. I am a writer of feature film scripts.

The script is about pages long, written in screenwriting format ie it is broken into scenes with action lines and dialogues. I do have a 2 page synopsis, and a longer 20 pages one also. Would a publisher accept a script instead of a manuscript at the initial stage? Or maybe the first few pages of the script to get an idea of the style of writing? Hello sameer Thanks for tips. I am about to complete an historic fiction. Suggest me the best way to publish it.

I see how responsive and helpful you guys were in the comments Sameer replied to everyone, and in detail. I have been working on a novel for quite some time now, it is a story about three friends, one of whom tries to overcome his existential crisis as they set out on a last minute journey to Parvati valley. I am on the verge of finishing it, just really trying to get the words right for the very last chapter. Would you be willing to help me out? Tushant-ji, for your kind words, aapke mooh mein ghee shakkar.

On the review request, drop us a note on: Dear Sameer, I am ready with three books and working on the fourth but I have yet not started my part to get published.

I feel like alien and am too shy and too hesitant to contact a publisher. I hope for a great suggestion from you. No better way to get on their radar. You are sending it from the privacy of your home. If my book will be published in any of the near future, this article by Lavanya has had a great motivational factor onto it.

I am just one among million writers who scribble in their papers and have desire to get such coveted job Writer successfully. Now that I have become very clear in ever inch by inch process of submission, I have to thank Lavanya for her guidance with her altruistic positive vibration favoring every writer including me. Hi Sameer, There are so many characters involved like editor, literary agents, publisher and many more and then there is self publishing or publishing by publishing house.

Is there any article that talks about the exact roles of these people and what each one expects from the the writer of the novel. More precisely if there any article that talks about the entire process flow from once the manuscript is ready to how to give to them, whom to give and various aspects of every process as there still remains certain ambiguity on the entire process of publishing a novel and role of each characters.

See if this article helps: How to write a book and get published. Can you let me know of some publishers who could help me out in some way? My story is in the form of a diary and and is based on a real love story with real life experiences of a person. I want to know whether my way to write the book in the form of a diary is acceptable or not.

I do have many more queries so I want to contact you through mail. Please provide me with your email id as it would be a great help to me. Hoping to get your reply. My email id is- gitanshu gmail. The main protagonist is no superhero or gutsy girl but a normal girl to whom most of us can relate ourselves.

All that i want to is if i can get my book published for free and if i can apply for getting it published before i complete it? My book is under consideration with a literary agency Siyahi. I wanted to know from you, that if they agree to pitch my book forward, would they be expecting me to pay for their services before hand or will derive a commission from my royalty amount later after the book gets published?

Approach them with a query letter. Any format is fine as long as it has an audience willing to pay for it. Please continue doing this.

I want to publish as an anonymous author. I would like to use my name but stay anonymous. Will that pose a marketing problem. I m a scientist so prefer anonimity to continue my passion, that is scientific research. I thought about this n felt that staying anonymous is the best option for my taste. My work is an epic drama cum science fiction novel written as a series currently half way through the first part Can the marketing problem be circumvented by some other clever marketing strategy?

Have you heard of any such cases in India before or in sci if genre. Thanks for your patience. I have approached too many publishers, some of them are very noun publishers like Penguin and so on. Would you suggest me some loyal publishers? Can you please suggest a few reliable literary agents? Most them want the whole manuscript, which is not a very comfortable thing for a new author.

I know there are laws to protect copyright etc etc. But in the context of India laws exist only on paper. Ashwin Sanghi Krishna Keys published his first book under the pseudonym Shawn Haigins, which is an anagram of his name.

After he gained fame, the earlier book got re-published. Even traditional publishers are struggling to make money and launching vanity press businesses to keep revenue stream going.

Yes, you can print and sell a book without an ISBN. Literary agents in India. I clicked this article today and boy am I impressed. Sameer, you are doing a fab work and I am not impressed but inspired by your dedication in helping newbies like me.

I have just started writing and now I feel comfortable that I am not alone out there. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for such informative article. It is precise and that is what makes it unique. The hybrid has a tendency to repeat itself and is, therefore, less widely used than the other two. Some career experts are pointing out that today a paper-based resume is an exception rather than the rule.

Candidates are free to either do those changes themselves or may take help of the agency itself. Some career fields include a special section listing the lifelong works of the author: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Retrieved 9 March Retrieved 8 June Retrieved 22 December

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