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Phlebotomist Resume

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❶This resume is modern and simple, great for fresh phlebotomists looking for their first time job.

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Why Is This a Good Phlebotomist Resume Sample?
Medical Assistant/phlebotomist

Careful and precise in performing venipuncture, capillary puncture and fingersticks on patients of various ages and vein conditions. Excels in collecting, preparing and storing blood samples.

Any awards or recognition you receive during your tenure, you should include in your work experience. This will significantly boost your chances of being hired, especially when it is in recognition of your contributions to phlebotomy or the company that you are working for.

Any outreach programs or charitable services you have provided that are related to phlebotomy or healthcare in general, you should include in your resume as well. They are still considered a professional experience and should be part of your work history. Practically anything that will back up your knowledge and skills in phlebotomy should be included in your resume. If you search online for a variety of resume samples, you may notice that some labels, such as education or work experience are all written in capital, while others are not.

There is no rule that specifically states how labels should be written or even their placement. This way, it is easier to highlight the traits, details and skills you must include to substantiate your claim. In the resume example we gave above, the applicant Angela immediately stated her license as a CPDH Phlebotomist Technician and indicated her level of experience. By stating her certification, she puts the Hiring Manager in a more comfortable, more assured place.

It will place her application ahead of others who may not be licensed. Angela also confirms her objective which is to join Zenith Biotech. The hiring manager will be turned off and lose interest. Lastly, be truthful and realistic. The Hiring managers want to see specific details that will support your entries in the Strengths section. Write relevant information only. You do not need to write anything that is not tied to the position you are applying for.

One of the administrative skills Angela highlighted is her ability to multi-task. There is an abundance of job opportunities waiting for you in hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, blood donor centers and other healthcare institutions. You can look for job opportunities thru the following avenues: Your resume must be consistent in style and wording from top to bottom to keep the reader engaged.

Refer to our Phlebotomist resume sample and our writing tips so you will be able to write with confidence and ease. Browse to some related resumes below and find your inspiration. Besides the resumes listed above, we recommend going through the following resume writing and job seeking tips:. You must be logged in to post a comment. Medical Assistant Resume Sample. Project Manager Resume Sample.

Business Analyst Resume Sample. High School Student Resume Sample. Do your best to avoid gaps between your education and work in your work history. However, it is important not to go into too much detail. Only provide information relevant to your position. Finally, always remember to use an easy-to-read font and basic black and white design on a professional resume. As you can see by reading over the phlebotomist resume sample, a strong and professional resume is of vital importance if you wish to gain employment.

You can create your own well-written document by following these tips and tricks, modeling it after the sample, and if you need extra help, checking out the resume builder. These tools will help you get started on the path to a career you love. Most phlebotomists hold a certificate in phlebotomy, and many employers require this certificate before offering a candidate an open position. As you can see from our phlebotomist resume sample, the applicant lists this certificate at the bottom of her resume.

She also includes the name of the certificate, where she earned the designation, and when she completed the program. Make sure you include these same elements on your resume as you outline your education section. If you have multiple degrees or certifications, list them in reverse chronological order. After going over our phlebotomist resume sample, you might wonder what file format you should use to save and submit your document. Generally speaking, you should plan on using MS Word or PDF format when you save your resume, unless the job application requests otherwise.

You should avoid using obscure file formats, like. Doing so can result in a potential employer not being able to open and read the file. If you recently earned a certificate in phlebotomy and you are ready to find your first job in the medical field, look over our phlebotomist resume sample to get a better feel for what sections you should include.

Phlebotomist Resume Samples

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With the help of the abovementioned points, you can successfully create the perfect phlebotomy resume whether you are applying as a phlebotomy technician or as a phlebotomy instructor. Contents What to Include in Your Phlebotomy Technician Resume.

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Sample resume for a phlebotomist This sample resume for a phlebotomist shows how you can communicate your phlebotomy credentials and draw your resume .

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I spent so much time carefully searching for a phlebotomy phlebotomy resume help course and American College was the most exceptional with a fully staff like Lin and Brian that would help you through every process and questions you have A list of 16 Louisiana phlebotomy training programs. Crafting a Phlebotomist resume that catches the attention of hiring managers is paramount to getting the job, and LiveCareer is here to help you stand out from the competition. View All Nursing Resumes.

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Phlebotomists are healthcare professionals working in hospitals, blood donation centers, and blood banks. Typical duties seen on a Phlebotomist resume sample include drawing blood, taking part in blood donation events, storing blood properly, answering to patient inquiries, and offering first aid when necessary. Phlebotomist and Phlebotomy Technician Resume Examples. Take the guess work out of writing a phlebotomy resume with our detailed examples and template. Writing a resume that stands out is an important part of landing any phlebotomy job.