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Writing an IT service-level agreement

❶The Supplier acknowledges that any failure to meet a Service Level may have a material adverse impact on the business and operations of the Customer and that it shall entitle the Customer to the rights set out in this Agreement below, including the right to any Service Credits as defined below.

Descriptions of service At the heart of your SLA are the services you provide. Writing specific descriptions of your services requires you to understand what you can offer your customers and affirms to your customers that you know what they need.

Service providers will often create a service catalog to make describing what they offer to their clients easier. The catalog should contain all of the services you provide, including applications, infrastructure, and other business functions. One of my challenges as the SLM coordinator for my organization was explaining to my customers the relationship of the service catalog to the SLA.

For example, availability should be defined within agreed-upon targets. Each of the services you provide will also have regular operating hours and scheduled time for maintenance.

This information needs to be illustrated in your SLA. Will you be able to provide the same hours of operation during one of these scenarios? Other standards that you may wish to include involve response times and resolution times.

Will these be the same for all of your services or will they be dependent on the business urgency and impact? Regardless of what you decide, make sure that the IT employees who will be delivering the services to your customer have input and know at what level they are expected to perform. Duration Your SLA should specify when the agreement begins and expires. I mentioned that an SLA, by definition, is an agreement rather than a contract. Duration information is one concept that carries over from items you would find in a typical contract.

The start date of your SLA allows you to begin tracking IT performance on the same date unless otherwise specified. Consider when your SLA will expire. When you negotiate maintenance contracts or equipment leases on behalf of your customers, you may enter long-term agreements with other service providers.

Keep these facts in mind when negotiating with your customers. Effective support of in-scope services is a result of maintaining consistent service levels.

The following sections provide relevant details on service availability, monitoring of in-scope services and related components. Download free Service Level Agreement Template word document. Types of Service Level Agreement. What is a Service Level Agreement? Company name Effective Date: September 12, Document Owner: Service Agreement 4 5. Service Management 6 6.

The objectives of this Agreement are to: Stakeholders The following Service Provider s and Customer s will be used as the basis of the Agreement and represent the primary stakeholders associated with this SLA: Look out for third party components within the SLA.

Ideally, one service provider would provide the entire service. However, there may be input or reliance from other third parties. So check who is responsible for what, and whether it is included or excluded from the SLA.

Carefully review your SLA. Make sure it is easy to understand by all — even non-technical users. Does it cover everything? See our SLA Checklist. Does it meet your business and service requirements? Are you satisfied with it?

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SLA Template provide a free general purpose Service Level Agreement or SLA template that you can use in a variety of situations. The Service Level Agreement template can be downloaded in Microsoft Word format without the need to register.

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Writing Service Level Agreements. 10 tips for writing better Service Level Agreements. 1. Ensure all key terms are clearly defined eg SLA scope, customer and provider responsibilities, reporting, service expectations, performance indicators, escalation, remedies and penalties.

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A Service Level Agreement is a contract between IT and the business that identifies the boundaries for repairing applications issues. When writing an SLA, some of the terms that should be specified include: - What percentage of . Writing a service level agreement usually requires forethought, commits the customer to ongoing payments and commits the supplier to having ongoing resources ready, but it protects both parties when future work needs to be done. It is a contract between a customer and a provider of a product or service that could.

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An IT service-level agreement (SLA) could make the difference between your success and failure as a managed service provider (MSP). Verbal agreements or handshake deals can often end in financial disaster. Even though an SLA clearly defines your roles and responsibilities in managing all or some. Service-Level Agreement Template. The Supplier shall immediately notify the Customer in writing if the level of performance of the Supplier of any element of the provision by it of the Services during the term of the Contract is likely to or fails to meet any Service Level Performance Measure. “a” is the Service Level Performance.