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❶When considering this, one question must be addressed: LSU it is ridiculous to think these athletes should not be rewarded in other ways.

The case for paying College athletes Essay Sample

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No, they are there supporting the players who have worked so hard. During the course of the season the colleges make millions, meanwhile the players receive nothing. Players should be reimbursed for their time spent under the bright lights of the stadium defending their school, and doing what they love. Most fans come to see the game, not to admire the architecture of the stadium, or to eat the unhealthy concessions.

People wait in lines for hours on end just to get tickets to see the players, not the coaches therefore the players should be give the profits gained from the sporting events, deducting the proceeds that should rightfully go to concessions and stadium staff. Scandals like this not only risk ruining the reputations of the players, but the reputations of the universities as well.

Because athletes are not remunerated for their dedication to their sports colleges may feel pressure to bribe or compensate players for a job well done, or a commitment or contract with the school. In order to prevent the loss of a key player colleges are forced to persuade them to stay with materialistic items such as cars, houses, and money.

A growing controversy centers on whether these athletes deserve to make money for all their hard work. Every year, the NCAA and universities earn millions of dollars from athletes that every average Joe loves to watch. Should these athletes be given some of the earnings since the money was made because of them? When considering this, one question must be addressed: At college, getting an education should remain the most important purpose.

When an exceptional athlete attends, however, it is often their goal to showcase their talents and take easy classes. Art school students can sell their paintings, science students can publish their findings, and journalism majors can have an article published.

Can we bring ourselves to pay a teenager millions more than some second-rate professionals who had to work to gain any natural talent that they were not blessed with? Some say that paying college athletes will make professional sports obsolete because more athletes who are unable to make it in the pros but have the talent to star in college will find a means to go to school.

The decision to pay college athletes would have many reparations. Is it ethically right to pay a college athlete? College is where the line has been drawn and a garrison has risen to protect it. If the populace were to concede and pay someone who plays sports, then America would see people clamoring for outstanding high school athletes to be paid, which, of course, is absurd. College is where one should gain the education to succeed in life.

The decision to pay college athletes, prodigies or not, would be a very grievous mistake. The point of college sports is two-fold. First, an exceptional athlete can refine skills and prepare for that next level where they can reap the rewards of their years of hard labor. Secondly, college sports serve to give students extracurricular activities to help them through the difficult academic life.

In particular, Rodney Fort, a sports economist and professor of sports management at the University of Michigan, believes that the NCAA already possesses enough money to do so.

Moreover, arguments that additional labor costs would hurt sports programs at schools are groundless, says David Berri, a professor of economics at Southern Utah University. Speaking of skills, by the way, the fact that an athlete is a college student does not automatically mean he or she is an amateur unlike what the NCAA officially claims.

For example, a typical first division college football player trains approximately Besides, college athletes also need to dedicate time to studying; along with this, NCAA tournament rules require college students to skip classes in favor of nationally-televised games that bring in revenue Forbes. No need to say that the revenue goes to the NCAA. Considering this, is it not obvious that college athletes should receive at least some compensation for their efforts?

Paying college athletes could also solve a significant problem of athletes quitting schools and colleges. It is not a secret that many of them make a decision to leave due to financial reasons; usually, they are allured by the perspective to start earning money with what they can do best sports outside of college.

Indeed, what is the point for a prospective professional athlete to rush between sports and study for free if they can earn real money doing what they love, and without any obstacles? The reasons why college athletes should be paid are significant.

First of all, the NCAA has all the capabilities to pay their athletes—it accumulates tons of revenue annually, so supporting college athletes would not be a problem. And lastly, many college athletes prefer to start earning real money with their skills rather than rush between sports and study for free, and thus quit schools; paying them might help solve this problem.

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College athletes are some of the best athletes around the world and knowing they will get noticed they have no need to get a resume together like the students around them their resume is their ability on the court.

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